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Where photographers come together to make an impact

What is Excio?

Excio (from Latin excite, evoke) is a community of passionate photographers who use their skills to make an impact. Together we lead the #FairSharePhotography movement to make sure every photographer is fairly rewarded and to advocate for causes that we support.

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand. We are growing globally so everyone is welcome from any part of the world.

Photographers join Excio for many reasons: to be a part of a friendly photography community; gain creative inspiration; grow confidence; share expertise; connect with, meet and support other like-minded photographers; be part of a meaningful mission; support good causes through photography and sell their work. (Pretty much there is no reason why you shouldn't be joining!)

Why join?

  • Looking for photography inspiration?
  • Wanting to meet like-minded photographers?
  • Aspiring to have your work featured in our Blog, Journal and on social media?
  • Aiming to share your knowledge easily and help others progress?
  • Wishing to grow confidence in taking photographs, receive constructive feedback and support from the community?
  • Seeking to learn how to sell your images and be fairly rewarded? Our new PhotoTokens concept does just this)
  • Wanting to participate in competitions, with fair terms and be in to win cash prizes?
  • Hoping to participate in regular photo challenges while helping a good cause?
  • Wishing to share your progress and success with your friends, family and whanau by inviting them to our free challenges and open groups.

With Excio membership you:

  • Can exhibit your work on our app and in your own gallery.
  • Offer your work for sale on our new Image Library and earn Excio PhotoTokens. You will also have access to our group where we discuss stock photography trends, what's in-demand and share tips to help you grow your stock portfolio.
  • Can join members-only competitions and be in to win cash prizes.
  • Will have access to community support to get help through the ups & downs of your photography journey. You'll get real-time feedback and move forward in improving your skills faster than on your own.
  • Will see your work featured on our Blog, on social media and have a chance to be interviewed for our Journal.
  • Will be able to participate in regular community meetups.
  • Have the opportunity to easily give back to the photography sector by sharing your knowledge.

Plus, everyone can freely

  • Access all open challenges.
  • Join our 'Inspiration of the Day' group where we feature the most interesting and impactful photographs, articles and quotes.
  • Receive invitations to our monthly virtual community catch-ups.

We look forward to seeing you at Excio ❤️

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